Test Track 2 was built in 2010 and was the first track to be built. The track is designed to be able to optimally test emergency response drivers under the conditions they face. The purpose of the track is to put safer drivers on the roads and today the Stockholm County Police force conducts its training here.

Elways is another company conducting research and tests on Test Track 2. Elways develops systems to feed electrical power to cars while they are on the move, thereby removing the limitations that batteries currently entail. By electrifying major roads with Elways’ solution, electric vehicles will, through a single innovation, become superior to fuel-driven vehicles, since they would, in principle, never need refuelling or charging. Elways is a cooperative effort between the Swedish Energy Agency, the Royal Institute of Technology, NCC and Arlandastad Holding AB and the long-term objective is to remove carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector.

Other organisations using Test Track 2 for vehicle development, mechanical tests and courses are the Royal Institute of Technology, TRAFIKVERKET and SMC (the Swedish motorcycle association).



More facilities

Arlandastad Holding is a property and concept development company. We currently own and manage nine facilities on our landholdings located in the Airport City Stockholm area. Nybygget (the exhibition of prefabricated houses), Scandinavian XPO (previous Eurostop Mall) and seven of our facilities, DRIVELAB Center, Test Track 1, Test Track 2, Test Track Terrain, DRIBELAB BIG, DRIVELAB Hotel and DRIVELAB Sales & Service form the basis of DRIVELAB Stockholm



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