Nybygget is an exhibition area for prefabricated houses. Our vision is to create Northern Europe’s best and most complete exhibition of prefabricated houses. Nybygget (Swedish for “the new build”), seeks to be an obvious destination and an inspiring meeting place for architecture, design, interior design and garden design.

www.nybygget.se (in Swedish)

If you are interested in establishing operations at Nybygget. Please contact our Site Manager Camilla Yngfalk, +46 (0)70-558 19 10

House exhibition

The exhibition of prefabricated houses consists of a number of show houses, including detached houses, leisure homes, garages, pavilions and playhouses from many of Sweden’s manufacturers of prefabricated houses – both large and small.

Other exhibits

Nybygget offers an opportunity for companies to exhibit their products. There are exhibitors here from the entire spectrum of companies in the building and lifestyle sectors.

An experience

Nybygget is intended for everyone, regardless of whether they are interested in building something new, remodelling or just gaining inspiration. Nybygget strives to be a full-service partner in building and lifestyle. Consultation weekends are arranged allowing visitors to gain advice on everything from financing to energy matters. For most people, their home is the largest investment of their lives. Consequently, Nybygget has chosen to combine advice and inspiration in an environment that permits reflection. At the site, there is a pleasant café where visitors can digest information and impressions while their children enjoy their own special version of Nybygget.



More facilities

Arlandastad Holding is a property and concept development company. We currently own and manage nine facilities on our landholdings located in the Airport City Stockholm area. Nybygget (the exhibition of prefabricated houses), Scandinavian XPO (previous Eurostop Mall) and seven of our facilities, DRIVELAB Center, Test Track 1, Test Track 2, Test Track Terrain, DRIBELAB BIG, DRIVELAB Hotel and DRIVELAB Sales & Service form the basis of DRIVELAB Stockholm



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