Test Track 1 is Sweden’s most modern test track. The track is leased by Training Partner. The proximity to Arlanda Airport allows participants from all over the world to conduct training courses, product launches and events here. Test Track 1 is a smart track, to help you make the right choice and guides the driver as much as possible, in an intuitive way. The course is mainly divided into two parts: Dynamic Course and Test Area. The track can be adapted and divided for several groups, so that you can carry out driver training, vehicle testing and individual exercises simultaneously.



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Arlandastad Holding is a property and concept development company. We currently own and manage six facilities on our landholdings located in the Airport City Stockholm area. Nybygget (the exhibition of prefabricated houses) and five of our facilities, DRIVELAB Center, Test Track 1 and Test Track 2, DRIVELAB Hotel and DRIVELAB Sales & Service form the basis of DRIVELAB Stockholm. In 2017 DRIVELAB grow further with DRIVELAB BIG.



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