Located at road 263, Sigtuna entrance, visible from the E4, this is a property with amazing display mode. Here you have the opportunity to purchase both new and used cars. The area also includes inspection, repair shop, glass workshop and a full-service auto body repair shop.

The area, which today already include a full-scale Toyota facility with both sales and repair, has in a first stage, been increased by a total of about 5200 sq m new space containing sales and service. You can buy your brand new or used car while you leave your old sale. You can leave the car in service, get it inspected, repair and replace windshields and get it washed. Using our long-term parking, SEBE Flygets long term, you can also make use of their special services – to get the car inspected and repaired while you are away on holiday.

There are plans in the near future – in a second phase – to expand DRIVELAB Sales & Services with additional area of ​​about 6000-9000 sqm.



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Arlandastad Holding is a property and concept development company. We currently own and manage nine facilities on our landholdings located in the Airport City Stockholm area. Nybygget (the exhibition of prefabricated houses), Scandinavian XPO (previous Eurostop Mall) and seven of our facilities, DRIVELAB Center, Test Track 1, Test Track 2, Test Track Terrain, DRIBELAB BIG, DRIVELAB Hotel and DRIVELAB Sales & Service form the basis of DRIVELAB Stockholm



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