Arlandastad is divided into six different neighbourhoods, of which four are located on land owned by Arlandastad Holding:
neighbourhoods 1, 4, 5 and 6.

Neighbourhood 1 is situated in the western part of Arlandastad, for which an urban plan has existed for some time, allowing for offices, retail, light industry and logistics. The development of the area began in the 1990s and neighbourhood 1 is now well established with services and collective transport. Arlandastad Holding’s properties in neighbourhood 1 consist of a number of plots ready for development and the DRIVELAB Center, DRIVELAB Sales & Service, DRIVELAB Hotel (First Hotel Arlanda Airport) and also the Eurostop shopping centre who is now rebuilt to a modern multiuse facility, Scandinavian XPO – perfect for fairs, events and meetings for up to 8500 people.

Neighbourhood 4 lies furthest to the south, east of the E4 motorway. A detailed urban plan exists, offering opportunities  for office, hotel, retail, light industry and logistics developments. Space has also been reserved within the area for a future commuter rail station and an access road from the Märsta motorway exit (E4).  The reserved space means that it will be possible to build a train station in the area in the future. To date, no development work has begun and the opportunities for future developers to influence the design of the area are considerable.

Neighbourhood 5. Test Track 1 and Test Track 2 has already been built and during the fall 2020 a training track, Test Track Terrain, for 4×4 vehicles is planned directly adjacent to Test Track 1.
In 2017 a new exit not on E4 was built. Close to the test tracks there are opportunities for developments that will benefit from being located in a cluster focused on the automotive industry. Opportunities to exchange knowledge, conduct testing and demonstrate products for customers and consumers will be a reality for the operations that establish themselves here.
The first project we have implemented is DRIVELAB BIG, located in the district´s northern part closest to the test tracks. DRIVELAB BIGs focus is designed for large vehicles.

Neighbourhood 6 is Arlandastad Holding’s most closely airport adjacent area and the process of detailed development planning for this area commenced recently. Today, neighbourhood 6 is home to Nybygget, our exhibition of prefabricated houses. We envisage suitable developments including businesses seeking proximity to the airport and the unique exposure along the E4:65 link.


Arlandastad is situated in direct connection with the E4 motorway and the E4:65 link and very easily accessed by car, with plentiful parking. Our unique location adjacent to Stockholm Arlanda Airport makes international and domestic flight destinations highly accessible. Many of our current tenants have chosen to set up operations in the area specifically because of its closeness to the airport. This simplifies national and international business contacts.

For the new airport city, Airport City Stockholm, to function sustainably, planning also includes rail services and other forms of collective transport. It should be easy to travel between the terminals, our area and the commuter rail station in Märsta. Our cooperation with the municipality of Sigtuna and Swedavia means we enjoy good conditions that enable us to take a broad and long-term view in planning how the entire Airport City Stockholm area will work for both road traffic and collective transport.

The detailed plan for neighbourhood 4 reserves space to allow a future commuter rail station to be built on the Arlanda line. Direct access from the E4 Märsta motorway exit is also included in the plan. Via this exit, it will be easy to access the southern parts of the area directly from the E4 motorway. To enhance access to the northern parts of our area, we are reviewing the possibility to plan for an additional access point from the E4:65 link.

To link area to the east and west of the motorway, a road between neighbourhoods 1 and 4 is included in the detailed development plan. In the future, this road, Halmsjövägen, will be the area’s main street.