Arlandastad Holding AB is a property development company that creates conceptual platforms for the developing Sweden’s first airport city and the 241 hectares of land that we own and manage. Below you can read more about the ongoing projects in our districts that contribute to the development of the airport city.

District 1

Scandinavian XPO – an international meeting and event arena. In 2018, Eurostop – the old shopping mall in Arlandastad – was acquired. A rebuild of the facility has now been initiated to create a new international meeting and event arena where stage 1 will be completed by end of 2020. Scandinavian XPO will be environmentally certified according to the international certification system BREEAM. In the first stage, we are building and rebuilding the northern part of the property and thus creating an international meeting destination of over 40,000 square meters. At the opening day, the arena will offer 421 hotel rooms, restaurants, cafés, three exhibition halls, conference rooms and various facilities such as a training facility, shooting range, restaurants and doctor’s office. The arena creates the opportunity to host large meetings with space for up to 8,500 visitors at a time.


Scandinavian XPO – Stage 2

Stage 2 of Scandinavian XPO is located in the southern parts of the property, where plans are currently being made for redevelopment and new establishments that will be seen as a complement to the new meeting and event arena. Work on the southern part is in the early planning stages, but establishment has already been decided with the following actors:

Long Stay. Through an expanded collaboration with Stordalen-controlled Strawberry Living, approximately 50 longstay units will be created in connection with the existing Quality Airport Hotel Arlanda.

Medical center and doctor’s office. The doctors office Din Doktor opens in new specially adapted premises in the southern parts of Scandinavian XPO. With a smooth flow and more reception rooms in the premises, a wider range of high-quality health care services is made possible – at the same time as the health center is adapted to the increased need created by the opening of the new meeting arena.

Infrastructure in districts 4, 5 and 6

A Tunnel under the E4

A new tunnel under the E4 creates increased accessibility between Arlanda and Arlandastad and thus opens up for new establishments in Arlandastad East – in the area between Arlanda Airport and Scandinavian XPO (old Eurostop). On the eastern side of the E4, there is unexploited land of 1.6 million square meters, an area with great establishment potential in one of the best locations at Arlanda. At the height of the northern parts of Scandinavian XPO (old Eurostop), construction of the tunnel is ongoing and is expected to continue until spring 2021. It will be a full-size tunnel built for private motoring, truck transport, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The tunnel is also dimensioned for the possibility to ad rail traffic in the future.

The main street

In district 5 the production of documents for production is in progress. Halmsjövägen is the name of the main street that will run through the entire area from the new road gate under the E4 in District 4 and through the area north to end north of District 6. The expansion of the road network is a prerequisite for a functioning regional city center. Adjacent to the main street, a cohesive and city-like street space will be built with local streets, pedestrian and cycle paths which over time will be connected to the regional pedestrian and cycle path network. Local streets are being built in connection with development in the affected area.

District 4


Stage 1 of DRIVELAB BIG; a permanent trade fair, exhibition and training venue for large vehicles was completed in 2017. Stage II includes a corner room with exposure to the E4 that is well suited as an event / exhibition hall and premises with the possibility of passage and / or entrance to various parts of the business from front and back. In all cases, areas for sale or service are combined with training areas.

District 5

District 5 East

Opportunities are being investigated for a first establishment in district 5. Planning for infrastructure is in progress.

F60 stage I

F60 will be a business park close to the airport of about 120,000 sqm. In a first step, the southern part of the area of ​​approximately 10,000 sq.m. will be developed with the possibility of customized buildings such as industrial, office and sales premises. Design for the project is in progress.