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Arlandastad Holding’s cohesive landholdings in the Airport City Stockholm area comprise 241 hectares. In the regional development plan, Arlanda/Märsta is indicated as a regional urban centre of strategic importance in the Stockholm region and a plan of action is to provide the foundation and support for the development of the Arlanda/Märsta area. We would like to take that a little further and claim that the area is of strategic importance for the whole of Sweden and, by extension, the Nordic region.

Arlandastad Holding is a young company and since 2007 we have worked to establish the basic conditions for the development of conceptual platforms. That work has consisted of planning the development of the area in detail and creating infrastructure solutions to make our landholdings even more accessible. We have now made considerable progress and thus embarked on an exciting journey in which, with the aid of market and consequence analyses, as well as knowledge of the area, we are creating long-term values and conditions to develop platforms around Sweden’s largest airport, on which research, education and training, and commercial interests can meet to create the products of the future.

The first of the concepts we have developed is DRIVELAB Stockholm. DRIVELAB is a successful example of how, through branding, we have created a concept in which businesses and researchers can meet and interact in a place that is well-adapted to their needs.

DRIVELAB Stockholm


The test area is the core of the 80 hectars of land that make up DRIVELAB Stockholm. DRIVELAB has three test tracks, which are built with a focus on test different environments that literally makes it possible to perform all possible tests in safety and economical driving. Test Track 1, Test Track 2 and Test Track Terrain.

DRIVELAB enables the automotive industry to come together and create a hub where suppliers, manufacturers, industry, authorities, training providers and other stakeholders can collaborate in research and development.


DRIVELAB Center is a training center for the automotive industry with a focus on knowledge and education. DRIVELAB Center is the perfect place for a modern training center with only a 5 minute transfer from Arlanda airport.

In DRIVELAB Center is Training Partners headquarters located. Training Partner works with competence and business development primarily for the automotive industry. Training Partner runs DRIVELAB Test Track 1 that is located in close proximity. SEBE Long-term parking has its reception unit in DRIVELAB Center where they offers parking spaces for long term parking. In addition to the automotive-oriented activities DRIVELAB Center is Sigtuna Brygghus located here.

DRIVELAB – the marketplace for automotive industry

DRIVELAB Sales & Service
A service center for the automotive industry focused on new and used cars.
In addition to car dealers includes the area car inspection, repair shop, glass workshop and a full-service auto body repair shop. The first phase covers 5,200 sqm. Total investment amounts to approximately SEK 65 million.
There are plans in the near future – in a second phase – to further expanding DRIVELAB Sales & Services with additional area of about 6000-9000 sqm.

DRIVELAB Hotel (First Hotel Arlanda Airport) has been built within walking distance to DRIVELAB Center. Only 5 minutes from Arlanda Airport, 25 minutes from Stockholm and 20 min to Uppsala is the location thoroughly selected. The hotel is a full service hotel with large public spaces with activity possibilities for overnight conference guests. The hotel will to begin with contain 150 rooms, but there is the possibility to extend for a further 50 rooms. The hotel opened november 2016.

In 2017 a new exit was built north on E4, and with it comes the eastern district of the highway to develop. In the district’s northern part DRIVELAB BIG is built. DRIVELAB BIG focus on and be sized to large vehicles. This is a building of 15 000 sqm in one floor and the plot, with ample stabling and exhibition spaces around the building, will be over 40 000 sqm.

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