There are no two ways about it – the Arlanda area is supremely situated. The area is a hub where the road and rail networks and Arlanda Airport create a unique, highly accessible site. From a business perspective, the area is strategically important with the Swedish East Coast Line, the E4 motorway and Arlanda Airport offering excellent communications. The location, between the university cities of Stockholm and Uppsala, with good connections to the Mälardalen region, further enhances the attractiveness of the area.

To establish themselves at the country’s leading airport is an important prerequisite for any hotel operator with ambitions. Through this opportunity, we become part of a dynamic marketplace.

Thomas Bohm, CEO of Hotel Norrtull in Stockholm, responsible for the new hotel project at Arlandastad

Through this establishment, we continue to expand in the hotel sector. We confidently look forward to the cooperation with Arlandstad Holding. We will offer a full service hotel with a high focus on modern technology, meetings, lodging and restaurant.

Fredrik Ramen, president of Frame Invest AB

The road network around Arlanda is well-developed with the E4 motorway passing through the area, as well as the motorway link into Arlanda via the E4.65 and the 273 and 263 main roads. Traffic volumes are intensive and plans exist to further improve the design of the road network. In addition to road traffic, rail connections around Arlanda are also good. A successful example is the new commuter rail service and Swedish national rail operator SJ’s investments in rail traffic via Arlanda.

Beyond good accessibility by road and rail, the attractiveness of the area is significantly increased by the proximity of Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In 2014, 22.4 million passengers passed through the Arlanda area. Arlanda Airport acts as a hub for travel, business and work. The airport plays a major role for growth in Sweden, Stockholm and the immediate vicinity.

Arlandastad Holding’s land is situated directly adjacent to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, in the municipality of Sigtuna.
Sigtuna is a dynamic and expansive municipality located favourably between the major urban areas of Stockholm and Uppsala. The location, combined with well-developed communications and a qualified labour force, makes the area attractive for both businesses and residents.

Many involved in developing the Arlanda area
– regional cooperation

Each year, more than 19 million people visit Arlanda. Add to those, everyone who passes through the area by car, bus or rail and a clear picture emerges of an expansive and strategically highly important place. Arlandastad Holding is not alone in developing the Arlanda area. Interest is extensive and numerous strong forces are working to develop the area around Arlanda.

In addition to Swedavia, the municipality of Sigtuna and Arlandastad Holding together leading the development of a regional, national and international destination, Airport City Stockholm, there are numerous other cooperations, interests and investments in the area.

Regional development plan for the Stockholm region

The City of Stockholm has developed a regional development plan for the Stockholm region, RUFS 2010.
The regional plan indicates Arlanda-Märsta as a regional urban centre. This entails the area being developed into a densely built urban centre with streets, squares and parks. The plan also highlights the need to improve accessibility in getting to and from Arlanda and that the component areas: Arlanda Airport, Arlandastad and Märsta should be linked together.

Detailed comprehensive plan for the Arlanda area

Together with the affected parties, the municipality has prepared a detailed comprehensive plan for the Arlanda area. The purpose of the detailed comprehensive plan includes clarifying the prerequisites for the development of the area. The connection that arose when the terminal area at Arlanda Airport was built between Märsta and the airport has become current again with the importance attached to linking development around Arlanda with the growth of the airport.

Master Plan Arlanda 2010

Swedavia and Arlanda Airport are growing. Year after year, the number of passengers travelling to and from Arlanda keeps growing. Swedavia have prepared a master plan describing how the airport can be developed over the next 30 years. This is a guiding document and its vision for Stockholm Arlanda Airport is:
to make the Stockholm region and Stockholm Arlanda Airport the obvious choice in Scandinavia for business proprietors, travellers and visitors.

The Arlanda municipalities

Arlanda is located in the municipality of Sigtuna but there are several municipalities that have established in-depth cooperation with Swedavia on subregional issues in the Arlanda region. The Arlanda municipalities are Sigtuna, Upplands Väsby, Vallentuna and Knivsta, and the objective is for these municipalities to, together, transform the Arlanda region into the most attractive airport region in Northern Europe.

Arlanda Forum

To promote the development of Stockholm Arlanda Airport, a coordinating body has been set up, the Arlanda Forum. This includes the municipality of Sigtuna together with representatives of Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration), public transport principals and regional bodies. A letter of intent has been signed by the parties regarding joint activities to increase accessibility to the Arlanda area, as well as on limiting emissions around Arlanda.


The Swedish acronym SATSA stands for coordination for effective transport systems in the Stockholm region and is an EU-financed project. This cooperation seeks to develop collective transport between Uppsala and Stockholm.

Arlanda Logistic Network

Arlanda Logistic Network, or ALN, was founded in 2000 with the aim of developing the Arlanda area into the leading logistics centre in Northern Europe, and a good example in environmental terms. In the Rosersberg area, a huge new operations and logistics centre is being developed with a new motorway exit and combi terminal.

Operations being set up in the area

As the Stockholm region grows, so does its business and industry. The Arlanda area is an excellent example of this. In 2014, about 25,000 people worked here. There are currently 200 companies at the airport, a further 330 in Arlandastad, and in Rosersberg, one of Sweden’s largest operations and logistics centres is being developed with a new motorway exit. Many major projects have already been developed in the area and more are planned.

Examples of operations that have already been established include Clarion Arlanda Airport Hotel, commuter rail services to Arlanda, Nybygget (an exhibition of prefabricated houses), DRIVELAB Center, DRIVELAB Sales & Service, Test Track 1 and Test Track 2, Posten’s (Swedish national postal service) new terminal, Riksbanken (the Swedish national bank), Schenker Logistics, etc.

Ongoing and planned projects include, Sky City One, a link from the Roslagsbanan local rail line to Arlanda, the new Cargo City development, DRIVELAB Hotel, DRIVELAB BIG etc.

Read more about completed, current and planned projects at and

A place to live

An expansive area such as Arlanda, in one of Sweden’s fastest growing municipalities, requires opportunities for an attractive lifestyle with good housing. Destination Sigtuna is the driving force behind a venture named “Bo i Sigtuna” (Live in Sigtuna), which is a network comprising 13 companies and organisations. Together they work to offer attractive options for living and working in the municipality of Sigtuna.

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Municipality of Sigtuna

Sigtuna is a dynamic and expansive municipality located favourably between the major urban areas of Stockholm and Uppsala and is home to Sweden’s largest airport. Its location, combined with well-developed communications and a qualified labour force, makes the area attractive for both businesses and residents.

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