“Airport City Stockholm
– a living city closer to the world”

Airport City Stockholm is operated jointly by Arlandastad Holding, Swedavia and the municipality of Sigtuna. Together they are leading the development of Sweden’s first airport city, creating a regional, national and international destination. Airport City Stockholm comprises an area of about 800 hectares and it is here that the partners are to develop a modern airport city with a vibrant urban centre and attractive, superbly situated workspaces with access to the region, Sweden and the world.

A joint urban planning strategy has been developed and provides clear proof of the partners’ shared ambition to achieve the vision.

Urban planning strategy for Airport City Stockholm

Together the partners have developed an urban planning strategy for the development of Sweden’s first true airport city.

The strategy seeks to place people in focus, shaping creative environments where current and future business can and want to operate.

As the area is developed, it will gradually offer an increasing mix of businesses, logistics and transport, while maintaining a focus on research, development and testing operations, education and conferences, as well as services, such as restaurants and shopping.