In 2017 a new exit north on E4 will be built, and with it a new district, the eastern district of the highway, will be introduced. In the districts northern part will DRIVELAB BIG be built. DRIVELAB BIG will focus on and be sized to large vehicles. This will be a building of 15 000 m2 in one floor and the plot, with ample stabling and exhibition spaces around the building, will be over 40 000 sqm.



More facilities

Arlandastad Holding is a property and concept development company. We currently own and manage six facilities on our landholdings located in the Airport City Stockholm area. Nybygget (the exhibition of prefabricated houses) and five of our facilities, DRIVELAB Center, Test Track 1 and Test Track 2, DRIVELAB Hotel and DRIVELAB Sales & Service form the basis of DRIVELAB Stockholm. In 2017 DRIVELAB grow further with DRIVELAB BIG.



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